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Need more information? Our most commonly asked questions may help.

Memberships and services

What are the advantages of having a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Gold or Silver Plan?

Canadian Tire’s Roadside Assistance plans have a wide array of roadside assistance features that keep you and your vehicle on the road. Gold and Silver members also receive exclusive membership benefits and exclusive offers that go beyond the road. 

• Choice of Vehicle or Member Plans 

• Towing to any destination of your choice 

• Unlimited number of tows to any Canadian Tire Service Centre within the distance established in the plan selected when you receive auto service*

• Battery boost service* 

• Fuel delivery* 

• Flat tire change* 

• Lock-out service* 

• Oil Change Coupons 

• Travel, entertainment, shopping, attractions, car rental discounts and more 

*For complete membership plans features and terms and conditions click here. Member exclusive discounts, offers and coupons are subject to change at any time. For all discounts currently available, participating merchants, locations and full discount terms and conditions, click here. 

What is the difference between vehicle and member-based plans?

Vehicle Plan: Covers registered vehicle(s) regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time of a service call. 

Member Plan: Covers registered member regardless of which vehicle you are in at the time of service call (note: that registered member must be with the vehicle at time of service)

What is a secondary membership?

A secondary membership is an additional membership that you may add to an existing primary membership. These types of memberships are available at a discounted price. Secondary membership holders must reside in the same household as the primary member. You can add up to 10 vehicles/Members

What is a family plan?

A family plan covers up to 5 members in a household. All members must reside in the same household except for kids away at college or university.

Is there an age restriction for vehicles to be eligible for coverage?

There are no restrictions on vehicle age to be eligible for coverage, however there are member exceptions to vehicles where services are excluded. These vehicle exclusions are listed in our Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to be a member to get service?

No, we have On-Demand service where you can pay per service without being a member. Please click here for more information.

Can I share the roadside assistance benefits with friends/anyone listed on my family plan?

Yes, the Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance benefits are available to all registered members in the family plan.

Can I share the roadside assistance benefits with friends?

No, our plans only cover the individuals or vehicles (depending on the membership plan you have) that are registered and named on the membership.

When can I start using my roadside assistance services? 

For purchases made online, over the phone or at any retailers other than Canadian Tire store, the services begin 24 hours after purchase. 

For plans purchased at a Canadian Tire Store, service begins 24 hours after activation. Once you purchase the plan in the store, you are required to go online and activate your plan.

• If you require roadside assistance within the first 24 hours after activation, you will be charged an additional $35 (plus tax) administrative fee and the maximum towing distance will be limited to ten (10 km) for the applicable Service Call during such 24 hour period.

When will I receive my Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Welcome Package?

Your Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Welcome Package will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks. Your Welcome Package will include the Terms and Conditions, your membership card and information about your exclusive member benefits and discounts.  

When can I start using the member exclusive discounts?

You can start using your discount as soon as you receive your welcome package, which will include your coupons and your membership card. Your Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Welcome Package will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks.

How do I submit a claim for reimbursement?

The maximum reimbursement available depends on your plan: 

  • Silver: Up to $45.00 per incident
  • Gold: Up to $250.00 per incident

To be eligible for reimbursement, your receipt for reimbursement must be postmarked within thirty (30) days of the service being provided.

1 - Once you have paid the Service Provider directly, obtain an original itemized receipt issued in your name. As you will be required to submit this receipt, it must clearly indicate the following:

Member Details

  • Phone Number listed on Membership:
  • Member Name:
  • Member Address:
  • Year of Vehicle:
  • Make of Vehicle:
  • Model of Vehicle:
  • License Plate of Vehicle serviced:
  • Service Details

Service Details

  • Breakdown of Charges: i.e., type of service, mileage, specialty equipment etc.
  • Service Provider’s business name:
  • Service Provider’s business address:.
  • Service Provider’s phone number:
  • If the service provided was a tow, please ensure you include the location of the breakdown as well as the towing destination.

2 - Submit supporting information if applicable.

  • Membership Number if available.
  • Reference number if provided by Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance when the request for service was called in.
  • A copy of the local police department Motor Vehicle Accident Report if an accident was reported.
  • A statement from your insurance company OR a copy of the original itemized receipt for payment of the repairs to your vehicle.
  • Originals of all receipts (if applicable) for accommodation, meals, car rental and/or commercial transportation, itemized and clearly dated.

3 - Please retain a copy of all receipts for your records.

4 - Submit your claim.


  • Alternatively, you can mail your receipt with all the above details to:

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Roadside Service Claims Department

P.O. Box 2000, Welland, ON L3B 5S3

purchase related

Can I purchase a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Plan online?

Yes, please click here to purchase a plan online.

When is the full amount of my online purchase charged to my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged immediately after placing an order. You will receive a confirmation page once the payment is processed successfully.

Can I pay online using a gift certificate or store credit?

No, you can purchase online using a Visa, MasterCard or AMEX, Paypal and Visa Debit.

Can I purchase Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Membership in store?

Yes, you can purchase Gold Member, Gold Vehicle, Silver Member, and Silver Vehicle plans at any Canadian Tire store. Please visit your local Canadian Tire Store to purchase. The family plan can only be purchased online or by calling 1-888-727-7478 or #TOW from your mobile.

membership maintenance

How do I update my membership information?

Can I renew my membership online or at the store?

If you wish to renew your membership, you can simply purchase a new membership online or at a Canadian Tire store closer to your expiry date. To ensure uninterrupted service, we encourage you to sign up for auto renewal. You can also renew by contacting our call centre at 1-888-727-7478 or #TOW from your mobile.

I purchased a Silver Plan; can I upgrade to Gold? 

Contact 1-888-727-7478 or send an email to with your specific request and be sure to include your name, address, phone number and request. A Customer Service Representative will call you to assist you.

How do I make sure Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® received my order?

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® will send you a confirmation email letting you know that your order has been received. The confirmation email will also contain a link to the Terms and Conditions for the Roadside Assistance plan that you purchased. Please retain a copy for your records.

Is my online confirmation page considered an official receipt?

 No, you will receive an order confirmation email that will include an official sales receipt. The email will also contain a link to the Term and Conditions for the Roadside Assistance plan you purchase. Please retain for a copy for your records.

service related 

Can I request a Roadside Assistance service online?

No, to request service, contact our call centre at 1-888-727-7478 or #TOW from your mobile. 

What happens if I run out of service calls

We offer unlimited tows to any Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre within the distance limits established in your plans when you receive auto service. If you’re looking for a service other than a tow, we also offer on-demand services where you can pay per use. Click here to learn more about On-Demand service.


How do I request to become a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® Service Provider?

If you would like to become a Service Provider for Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance, please contact 1-888-727-7478, or send an email to with your specific request. 

Please provide the following information: 

• Your company’s name, address, phone and fax (if available) number 

• A contact name

• The equipment and services your company provides.

• The geographic region served.