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What to do When your Car Runs out of Gas

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What to do When your Car Runs out of Gas

In the instance you find yourself a distance away from the nearest gas station, or you simply don’t have enough in your tank - it’s helpful to know what to do in the event your vehicle runs out of fuel.


What are your options?

Fuel Delivery

Having your fuel brought to you when you’re on the road can be a solution to an empty gas tank. Luckily, Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance© can help. All our Gold and Silver plans include the delivery of emergency fuel, with all Gold Plans including the delivery of $5 of fuel*. Even if you are not a member, Roadside Assistance will work with a network of service providers to help arrange an emergency gas delivery** to cover most vehicles. To see the cost of Roadside Assistance’s services if you are not a current member, visit our on-demand page.

For 24/7 assistance across Canada or the USA, dial #TOW^ on your mobile phone or call 1-888-727-7478.

Prevent Gas Theft

With the rise of gasoline prices, it is important to secure your vehicle from potential gas theft. A great way to help protect yourself are locking gas caps. Canadian Tire has a wide assortment for gasoline and diesel cars ranging from $9.99-$29.99. One like the Motorad Locking Fuel Cap has a lock and key function that can help deter a thief from gaining access to your fuel port.

 Habits such as parking in your garage and parking in well traveled locations can also help prevent you from becoming a victim of gas theft.


Type of Gas

Of the many types of gas, it is common to question which type is right for your vehicle. A simple solution to help determine if you need premium gas for your car is to take a look inside your fuel door. Vehicles requiring a certain fuel type typically indicate it here or within the owner’s manual.  

If you find that your owner’s manual does not recommend premium gas (octane level of 91 or higher), you could opt for gasoline with lower levels of octane, such as regular (octane level of 87) or midgrade (octane level of 89).

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Not only does Roadside Assistance help provide emergency gas delivery, there are also a number of other services to help you when in need. From a battery boost, flat tire change, and towing to any destination of your choice*, Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance can help.

Compare Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Membership Plans here.



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*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to the restrictions and limitations of the plan selected. For complete membership features, plan details and terms and conditions visit

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