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Tips From Raleigh To Help Find You the Perfect Ride for Your Outdoor Adventures

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Tips From Raleigh To Help Find You the Perfect Ride for Your Outdoor Adventures

What style of bike is best for you?

With a wide range of bikes available, the first step is to determine which style of bike will best suit your needs so that you can navigate your journey of choice comfortably.

Kids & Youth 

For the first-time riders to young shredders, Kids & Youth bikes are designed specifically for their needs in mind to support the learning.  The wheel size of a Kids/Youth bike is what will determine which model to select; 10", 12” and 14” are the entry-level sizes for Kids and often come with removable training wheels. 16” and 18” is the next size up into the Youth category, and 20” is the last size for a growing Youth.


Path & Pavement 

From city streets to scenic roads, Path & Pavement style of bikes are designed to allow you to ride smoothly with road-oriented wheel tread patterns, improved braking system, easy shifting gearing to accommodate the terrain variables, and up-right handlebar positioning for a more comfortable posture on longer rides.


Comfort & lifestyle

Designed for more leisure cruising, Comfort & Lifestyle bikes are the perfect bike to enjoy a cruise around city streets or neighborhood pathways. The up-right and sweeping handlebar position allow a more relaxed posture, increased cushioning in the seat provides more comfort and wheel fenders keep the elements of the road off you to arrive in style.




From gravel paths to dirt trails, Mountain bikes are built to tackle your off-road adventures. Mountain bikes consist of two styles, “hard-tail” has front fork suspension/no rear suspension, and “dual suspension” has combined front fork and rear shock suspension. Designed with advanced features such as front disc braking to allow a quicker & safer stopping power and improved gearing to allow you the ability to navigate up and down the trails.




Designed to ride further and longer, Electric bikes are versatile, powerful, yet comfortable and will open the possibilities for what you can do and where you can go on your bike. The electronic assisted power will help you reach speeds up to 32 km/h while still getting the exercise movements of a traditional bike.


How to size yourself for a bike?

Ensuring you have a properly fitting bike, will allow you the utmost comfort when riding. Here are three tips to help you properly size yourself for a bike before shopping in-store or online.
  1. When Measure your height for a bike by standing straight and tall, in stocking feet, against the wall. Place a stiff paper on top of your head, parallel to the floor, and mark the wall. Then measure from mark to floor and this will determine your overall height.
  2. When Measure your inseam for a bike by standing with your feet/legs slightly apart. Measure from the crotch, along the leg, and down to the floor. Knowing this measurement ensures that you reach the ground safely & easily with both feet at the lowest saddle height. 


Know more about Raleigh Bikes

With over 135 years of history in the cycling industry, Raleigh continues to deliver well-made, beautifully comfortable, stylish bikes. From classics to trail, all made modern with styled lines, comfort, and quality components. Raleigh has made its way around the globe, won the Tour de France, been to the Olympics, and won many championships. But we’re not in it for the gold, we’re in it for the joy that comes with riding. Puttering through the suburbs, cycling to brunch downtown, seeing the sites, and commuting to the office - We’re in it for the rider to enjoy the ride! To explore more visit our website: