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How to Keep Kids Safe While Traveling

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How to Keep Kids Safe While Traveling

Planning a trip with your family creates the excitement of making priceless memories that will last forever for you and your kids. Traveling with children is exciting. Yet, if you’ve ever traveled with children you know it can be equally stressful. Their immense thrill for the adventures ahead makes you worry about how you can keep them safe.

While you are getting ready for a road trip, we’ve got some tips for you to help ensure an unforgettable and safe trip.

 Tips on Road Trips

1. Make sure you have the right car seat for them

With numerous options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. Choosing the right car seat and installing it properly reduces the risk of injury or death in the event of a crash.[1]

Canadian Tire helps keep junior passengers protected with options in car seats, high-back, and no-back boosters to suit any stage. There are 4 stages of car seats to help keep your children as safe as possible:


Make sure you check your provincial government website for requirements, as every province and territory have its own age, height, and weight requirements for every stage. Also, following the manufacturer’s labels and instructions is imperative to ensuring proper installation.

How do you know that your child’s car seat is safe? Look for the National Safety Mark on your car seat, which will give you the assurance that it meets the Canadian Standard.[2]

To make sure you’re up to date on any recent recalls, be sure to register your product with the manufacturer and check the Government of Canada website regularly.


2. Help Keep Kids Entertained and Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving puts everyone’s life in danger. Focusing on the road and its conditions should be your top priority when you hit the road. Kids easily get restless on long road trips which could contribute to your distraction. Help keep them entertained with these ideas:

  • Plan for things they might need and keep them within their reach. Whether it’s snacks, drinks, activities, toys, or electronics, Canadian Tire carries products to help make this happen! Check out these Organizers that can make a world of difference.


  • A Lap Tray can make playing, coloring, drawing, or even snacking much easier for your kids! Help make their road trip easier with this product here.


 3. Make sure you pack Essential Medication

When children are with you on a road trip, their health condition makes you worried. To avoid that and have a worry-free safe drive, keep the following items with you before hitting the road:

  • Children’s everyday medicine/supplements
  • Medication for pain and fever relief (check with your doctor if your child can take any, make sure you’re following package and or doctor’s instructions for dosage)
  • Medication for allergic reactions (Antihistamine). Even if your child doesn’t have allergies, it’s good to keep this on hand when traveling in case of a sudden reaction.
  • Band-Aids
  • Antiseptic cream/spray

You can always keep a First Aid Kit with you to be extra prepared for your trip. Check out different First Aid Kits here.

4. Don’t Hit the Road Without Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Peace of mind on the road is your top priority! Your and your family’s safety is our top priority as well.

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance comes with flexible and affordable plans* and 24/7 coverage across Canada and the USA. Don’t let road troubles interrupt your vacation plans. Travel with added confidence with Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance.

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 *Terms and conditions apply. Subject to the restrictions and limitations of the plan selected. For complete membership features, plan details and terms and conditions visit