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Are You Ready for Spring Driving?

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Are You Ready for Spring Driving?

Spring is in the air! But the weather shouldn’t be the only thing changing this season. Maintaining your car seasonally can help mitigate safety concerns on the road. To prep your car for spring, here is an easy list to follow.

Before taking action, make sure to always check your owner’s manual for any specifications your vehicle may have.


1. Swap Out Your Winter Tires

Cruise into spring by retiring your winter tires for the next snowfall. The rubber in winter tires is best suited to temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, so once the season changes, make sure to changeover to appropriate tires to help ensure a more comfortable drive in warmer, drier conditions. From all season tires, all terrain tires, and more, browse Canadian Tire’s Wheel and Tires selection to find the option that best suits you.  


2. Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

With time, your car’s oil can collect grime and dirt – especially through the winter. Changing your oil and oil filter every season is a simple way to help maintain the health of your vehicle and its engine. Consider visiting a Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre for an oil change. With many Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® memberships, you receive oil change coupons as well!


3. Change Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can be an item that is easy to overlook. However, since these components are made of rubber, they can break down over time and become less effective when undergoing a seasonal change. Using damaged blades can reduce your visibility when on the road or even damage your windshield. A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace your blades every 6-12 months, or once you notice the wiper blade is skipping, vibrating, or squeaking across your windshield. Visually inspecting the rubber blade is another way to catch signs of a worn down, no-longer-sharp windshield wiper. Browse Canadian Tire’s selection of wiper blades to find one right for your needs. Want to change your blades yourself? Have a look at Canadian Tire’s How-To page.


 4. Test Your Car Battery

Your battery is responsible for starting your engine, turning on lights, unlocking or locking doors, playing music and so much more. To keep your vehicle operating at its best, test your battery at least twice a year and pay attention to signs like a slow starting engine, dim lights, or a lit engine light on your dashboard. Similar to an oil change, installing a car battery can be done at a Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre. Should you encounter battery issues on the road, Canadian Tire’s Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 to assist.


5. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning shouldn’t only concern your home – carry the habit into your car! Sprucing up your vehicle isn’t only about the aesthetics. Removing debris from windows and mirrors can help your vision on the road. Wiping down dust on the interior of your vehicle can help improve the air quality and aid in eliminating bacteria that may be accumulating on your dashboard, upholstery, or steering wheel. If you find you have clutter in your vehicle, organize the items in a cargo bag to prevent them from rolling around. Equip yourself by picking up cleaners, protectants, and more in Canadian Tire’s Car Cleaning category.


 6. Spring Essentials

With the warmer weather, aren’t we all looking to spend more time outdoors? Whether its hiking, biking, kayaking or paddle boarding, it’s important to choose gear that will help get you to your destination safely. Canadian Tire’s Roof Racks, Carriers, & Cargo Management category has a lot of the accessories you may need for your adventures. Not sure which product to go for? Take a look at our blog for tips on how to equip your vehicle for your next outdoor journey.

It shouldn’t stop there; your interior is just as important! Warmer weather calls for Window Shades & Visors to help keep your car cool and protected from damaging UV rays. Also, since spring showers can create a lot of mud, consider a floor mat if you haven’t already. One of Canadian Tire’s best-sellers is the MotoMaster Multi-Season Floor Mat with a universal trim-to-fit design.


 7. Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance®

Last but not least, don’t hit the road without Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance! The start of a new season is always a great reminder to put safety at the top of your list of priorities.

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance has you covered 24/7 across Canada and the USA. From towing to any destination of your choice within the distance limits of the plan selected* to exceptional customer service, discover all the benefits Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance has to offer.

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