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7 Things To Keep In Your Car For Winter

7 Things To Keep In Your Car For Winter

There are year-round items that should be kept in your car for a possible emergency, like first aid supplies, spare tire, tools, etc. In the winter, some extra things can come in handy for safety. When roads are covered with slush, ice, and downright unpredictable, getting stranded outside in freezing temperatures could become a serious situation. Wondering if you've got the essentials in your trunk ready for the winter drive? Check with this quick list:

1. Ice scraper/snow brush

A sturdy ice scraper and a snow brush on a long handle is an important item to keep in your vehicle. Remember to clear snow and ice off entire car before you get behind the wheel. 

2. Jump starter & external battery

Low temperatures can be harmful to the battery in your car. The newest generation of battery boosters like this one - is easy to use and a valuable tool should you ever find yourself needing a boost. It also serves as a power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet, other electronics via USB output, and features a built-in LED flashlight.

3. Shovel

A compact shovel is an essential item to keep in your trunk when you find your car buried during the snowstorm. This multi-purpose shovel also incorporates ice-scraper, squeegee wings, and safety reflectors in a car-friendly compact size, perfect to keep in your vehicle at all times. 

4. Cat litter

Tires spinning on an icy patch? Cat litter can help provide the additional traction your tires need to get you moving again.

5. Blanket and winter clothing like mittens, socks, and hats. 

A warm blanket won't take up much space in your trunk but is indispensable to keep you warm if your car breaks down or you become stranded, and you need to wait for help to arrive.

6. Non-perishable snacks & water. 

Ensure you have a stock of non-perishable snacks to help get you through any unforeseen delays or waiting for your help to arrive. Store the water bottles inside the car rather than putting them in the trunk to avoid freezing.

7. Roadside Assistance

Even the most prepared driver may need help. Having a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® membership can save you time if you ever require accident support, are stuck in a ditch, or need a tow. With affordable and flexible plans that can cover the car, the driver, or the entire family, Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® has got your back!